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Google Search Ads

Up-to-the-minute Search Ads expertise

Convert clicks to leads

Website traffic is a great start. But at Fisher, we look at the bigger picture. As a digital growth agency, we help our clients bring in more leads to boost their bottom line.

(Re)targeted for growth

Google Ads is an extremely powerful pay per click (PPC) channel. Whether you want to generate leads, build awareness or move more product online, we’ll help you reach the right audience and retarget strategically.

Data-driven campaigns

From clicks to conversions, impressions to audience insights, Fisher knows how to navigate the Google Search Ads landscape. Everything we do is informed by data, and you’re always in the driver’s seat.

How Google Search Ads drive digital growth

You might have dabbled with Google AdWords in the past. Now known as Google Search Ads, the text-based campaigns give you access to Google’s massive network. Today, the search giant accounts for 96% of Australia’s search advertising spend, because the ROI is second to none.

Google’s advertising platform is rife with opportunity, and it’s constantly changing. Features like ad extensions and lead generation forms enable better customer interactions. At the same time, Google’s audience targeting system allows you to home in on your audience and retarget potential prospects.

If you’re searching for a Google Ads agency partner to grow your business, then congratulations! You found Fisher.

Fisher’s Search Ad services


We go after growth targets that support your business. Fisher is the digital marketing agency where data-driven insight meets 3 decades of experience for targeted, optimised campaigns.

Campaign management

Fisher’s in-house SEM (search engine marketing) specialists manage high-performing campaigns across the search landscape. You’re in good hands, and you’re always informed.

Content creation

What’s the secret that turns impressions into clicks? Fisher’s content creators. Our specialist content marketers craft headlines and descriptions guaranteed to bring in qualified website traffic.


Track your progress closely and make decisions based on real-time data. With Fisher, you get transparent data across your entire digital campaign, from Search Ads to SEO and beyond.


We always look for opportunities to improve. Google Search Ads are not set-and-forget; we’ll monitor campaign performance closely and advise on tweaks along the way to boost ROI.

Account structure

Fisher is a full-service digital marketing partner. We’ll align your SEM account to your growth goals and give you room to grow with Shopping Ads, Display campaigns, YouTube ads and more.