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Who we work with

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes – but the list is continually growing

From Virgin Australia to Foxtel, SMEs to start-ups, our experience spans Australia’s industry spectrum. Brands at the forefront of their industry choose Fisher as their digital marketing partner because we deliver real growth, not just ideas.

Blue-chip and B2B digital marketing solutions

Digital transformation is top of mind for our blue-chip clients. The market moves fast, and Australian companies prepared for the changes are the ones who come out on top. As a trusted partner, Fisher supports our clients to pivot from traditional marketing to a digital-first world. Our experience balances B2B and B2C methods for user-first marketing that makes an impact.

SME and eCommerce growth

Small business owners have big aspirations. We’re the marketing agency making those goals a reality, with tailored services designed to grow our clients’ businesses. Digital marketing tools like SEO, social media management, PPC and Google Shopping, branded content creation, and agile website development (including eCommerce sites) help our clients grow.

Specialist expertise: legal, construction, technology, mining and more

Fisher is the full-service digital growth partner helping local businesses to bring in qualified traffic. From local SEO to content creation, website development to social media management, branded collateral, even recruitment branding – we have specialists in every area. Our tailored, affordable digital marketing services really move the needle.

Events and entertainment industry marketing

Foxtel is arguably Australia’s best-known name in home entertainment. In a highly competitive on-demand entertainment market, our MD Nigel helped Foxtel retain its foothold and adapt to meet new challenges. It’s just one example of Fisher’s entertainment and events expertise.

What partnership means to Fisher

We call ourselves a digital growth partner. What do we mean by that? At Fisher, we don’t simply provide services; we take our clients along for the digital transformation journey.

You’ve heard the old adage about teaching a man to fish. Well, we do something like that. When you choose Fisher as your growth partner, we’ll guide you through the digital marketing landscape and implement solutions to support long-term growth. We stay by your side as you navigate the complexities of digital growth, to ensure the success is sustainable.

Built for growth

Fisher is an agile agency delivering meaningful digital growth for Australian businesses. We are not just another digital marketing agency: Fisher is a multi-talented, multi-award winning team with proven specialist expertise. We love to learn and challenge both ourselves and our clients. In the digital marketing world, there’s always something new brewing.

Sustainable growth strategy

Digital growth is a marathon, not a sprint. Our specialist services, including SEO, PPC, social media management and content creation, provide a framework for sustained growth online. We tailor our services to suit your requirements to keep our fees affordable and grow with you.