The importance of hosting your site on a fast and reliable server

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Maintaining a great website is of vital importance for most businesses. Regardless of whether you operate an e-commerce shop or a brick-and-mortar service, today’s customers expect to discover and learn about your brand through a reliable website.

Hosting your site on a quality server is essential not only for ensuring a great customer experience but maintaining effective digital marketing strategies, including SEO in Perth. 

The following guide outlines why dependable website hosting is important, and how dedicated support from the experts at Fisher Digital guarantees a fully accessible, secure site.


What goes into ‘great’ website development in Perth?

Not every business owner is tech-savvy, but that’s no excuse for potential customers seeing a broken or outdated website. A slow or faulty site makes clients highly likely to discount your business and find another vendor; in essence, the performance of a website is just as important as how it looks.



Consistent speed is key to a superior website, enabling customers to navigate and load with ease. Reliable speed begins with quality web development and ends with hosting; impacting factors included page size, image optimisation, and a dependable server. 



Google and other leading search engines rightly give preference to secure web pages. Allowing both customers and business owners to enjoy a safe browsing experience free from the risk of hacking is a vital component of web development, supported by a robust web server. 

Failing to include the right level of support for your website increases your website’s susceptibility to hacking or interference; a long, tedious road to recover from. As well as the time and money wasted on this recovery, it could also result in your website losing its place in search engines.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a form of content marketing that works to improve your website’s position on Google, Bing and other search engines. While constructing a new website without considering SEO in Perth can be detrimental, failing to host on a secure server also can diminish any SEO advantage you have established. 



While you may be solely focused on the product or service you’re selling, consumers are not. Having a premium site that holds customer interest means including fresh and stimulating content. Digestible, attention-grabbing content can prompt visitors to share this content with their contact, therefore expanding your reach and boosting brand awareness. 



Optimising conversion rates (when a site visit leads to a purchase or receiving contact details) is, of course, fulfilling one of the main purposes of your website. Make sure all site traffic is well-directed, with carefully positioned conversion points in all key locations.

While conversion rate optimisations are vital, there’s no point directing customers to purchase points if the page won’t load. Once again, this makes utilising a quality server for fast navigation a vital component for a great website. 


The benefits of investing in your website’s performance

With the internet becoming more bloated and competitive than ever, effective digital strategy focuses on not only gaining customer attention, but retaining it. Investing in a fast server, as well as quality website development in Perth, is key to ensuring a pleasant browsing (and purchasing) experience.

If your site has poor performance due to low speed and frustrating inefficiency, you may as well hand your competitors money. Intensive market competition has given consumers higher standards, and online success is increasingly dictated by a strong online presence that retains engagement.

Just as importantly, site performance impacts search engine visibility and SEO; an efficient fast-loading server helps boost crucial search ranking levels.


Why your site needs a reliable host

For your website files and data to be visible on the internet, a hosting network environment is needed to store the information located by online visitors. From Shared Hosting to Virtual Private Servers, there are various options depending on your desired website size, function, and performance.

Working with an experienced SEO company in Perth to securely host your site improves multiple key aspects in one fell swoop:

  • Support: websites require constant improvements and updates to maintain optimal performance and prevent bugs – something most business owners simply don’t have the time or expertise to manage. 
  • Security: a secure host prevents the risk of leaving their customers open to hacking, and ensures Google has an SSL security certificate to approve for rankings.
  • Uptime: anytime your website is not online, you risk losing consumers. A steady server aims to have 99.9% uptime for your site.
  • SEO: with a fast connection and optimised content, reliable hosting will boost the effectiveness of your SEO in Perth, and ensure your site has improved Google rankings


Key advantages to great web hosting services

Secure website hosting plays a vital role in maintaining visibility and positioning on search engines. Without this, your customers simply won’t be able to find your site, or may not stick around to make a purchase. Additional benefits of reliable hosting include:


Better performance

Give your site the advantage of quality SEO in Perth, thanks to fast loading times and great content.


Improved UX

A better user experience leads directly to improved conversion rates and higher sales.


Faster e-commerce and blog access

Excellent hosting optimises your e-commerce platform and enhances blog visibility and accessibility, increasing visitor engagement and boosting profits.


Dedicated support

Knowledgeable host providers like Fisher Digital provide exceptional customer support alongside a reliable server, helping improve security and manage technical issues whenever needed.


Choosing the right host for your site

Multiple key factors should be considered when searching for the best website host for your specific needs. While cost naturally plays a part, it’s important to consider reliable hosting as an investment in your company’s brand, visibility, and services (your website). 

Find a server capable of storing the small or large amount of files your website has, while also guaranteeing utmost security for your data and user protection. 

Working with Fisher Digital – an innovative SEO company in Perth means gaining a secure, efficient service with constant availability, dedicated to helping improve the user experience and profit margins of every website it hosts in a customised way.


Partner with Fisher Digital – a trusted SEO company in Perth

A focus on customised digital strategy for every client makes Fisher Digital a leading choice for sustained growth, utilising effective approaches from search marketing and quality content production to web design and reliable website hosting.

Contact Fisher Digital today for leading hosting services and website development in Perth.


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