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Automated Intelligence 

Email and marketing automation services to bring in better leads

Know your customers better

Marketing automation tools and techniques segment, engage and convert your audience. Using insight and behaviour triggers, you can bring in more of the right people.

Track every touchpoint

Customer journeys aren’t always predictable or linear. Marketing automation allows you to test tactics and collateral, track leads and follow-up without lifting a finger.

Multi-channel lead generation

Marketing automation famously uses email to keep customers coming back. But Fisher’s multi-channel marketing expertise takes you beyond those horizons for better results.

How marketing automation works for businesses of all sizes

Marketing automation encompasses a broad range of tactics. The goal is to bring in more leads that fit your ideal customer profile without spending hours writing personalised emails.

By the time a potential customer gives you their data (for example, in exchange for an eBook or signing up for an email newsletter), you can already tell a few things about them. What brought them to your website? Have they visited before? Are they a returning customer or new visitor? What content caught their attention?

Now let’s use that data to deliver personalised, customer-centric marketing material.

People like to know they’re valued as individuals. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases, and emails with personalised subject lines get opened 26% more often. By partnering with Fisher, you can engage with your audience on this 1-to-1 level using intelligent, data-driven automation tactics.


Our marketing automation tactics

Any valuable digital marketing activity starts with a strategy. Fisher is Perth’s leading digital growth agency because we take the time to know your business inside-out. From there, our collaborative approach identifies the goals, target market, and ideal sales funnel structures.

nurture funnels

The idea that customers cascade down a traditional marketing funnel doesn’t hold much water in 2021. Instead, we work with you to design bespoke nurture flows. Tailored content, delivered at the right time, nudges a potential customer closer at their speed.


Email automation is a powerful tool for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Cleverly segmented emails can increase campaign revenue by more than 750% if they reach the customer at the right time. Fisher creates tailored, professional emails that deliver your brand message directly to your customer’s inbox.

landing pages

So your Google Ad got their attention – now what? The right landing page can increase conversions by 120%, but that falls 4.42% for every second your page takes to load. We build slick conversion-optimised landing pages to meet your marketing goals.


lead magnets

What are you offering in return for your customer’s time, attention and data? Our Perth content creation team can whip up a lead magnet (eBook, video or webinar script) to help you convert more visitors to leads.


Every interaction matters. With our analytical expertise and your customer insight, we can continually optimise your marketing automation campaign to ensure you reach your goals faster. The answer is always in the data, and we bring plenty of it to the table.