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In today’s digital age, it’s accepted that search engine prominence is key to high levels of commercial success. Whether you operate an ecommerce retail operation or use a website to promote ‘real-world’ services, high Google rankings and leading website authority are vital to continued online growth and success.

Despite many algorithm updates, link building remains one of the most effective ways to rank highly, and ensure the success of a marketing campaign led by SEO in Perth. With the highly competitive nature of search engine result pages (SERPs), ranking highly requires consistent building of authoritative backlinks.

Learn how to stay ahead of the competition, and deliver results through proven, effective backlink building strategies with expert SEO services in Perth.

The value of quality SEO in Perth

We all know the immense impact reliable digital marketing techniques have on today’s businesses, whether you operate an ecommerce company, brick and mortar store, or trade service. In order to be visible online as well as stand out from your competitors, proven digital marketing techniques are essential to Google search positioning translating to financial success.

So, what exactly is a backlink? Simply put it’s a link between websites, where an online resource, such as a blog, is linked to via a different website. Quality backlinks created by an effective SEO company in Perth can vastly increase traffic to your website, increasing search rankings and aiding growth.  

Generate links through proven content formats

Let’s start with the basics – great content. This may seem obvious, but quality content is not just having a great writer or popular theme. Data-led research shows using proven formats for blog posts goes hand in hand with skillfully written content, making it imperative to choose successful approaches that are known to result in high levels of backlinks. 

High performing content formats focus on “Why” and “What” posts, where readers learn desired information via clear, well-written blogs. This approach, as well as utilising easily-digestible videos and infographics, ends up with higher levels of quality backlinks and increased referral traffic.

Create Skyscraper content

Backlinks are a key to determining where you sit on those all-important SERPs, as these links determine your content is noteworthy. This knowledge contains an important insight into how to achieve success on Google’s algorithm – post content people truly need in a professionally written format. 

One way of doing so is with Skyscraper content; highly desired posts that achieve backlinks from popular sites with a high authority score, boosting referral traffic to your site. 

So, how does this work? The key is finding existing, well-performing content suitable for your industry (try searching for a keyword and view the top ranking result). Now, recreate and improve it, before promoting this valuable skyscraper content – try doing so with people mentioned in your content for a high likelihood of backlinks. 

Use outdated resources to build links

Achieving top quality backlinks at scale is key to significantly increasing the organic traffic to your site, and while it takes planning it’s absolutely achievable. One fantastic tip for doing so is replacing outdated links via what’s known as ‘The Moving Man Method’.

Begin by finding sites relevant to your industry that have been closed down, not been updated, changed name or URL, or no longer offer that service. Next, find existing links to this now-outdated resource by placing the URL in a backlink checking tool, before reaching out to sites with high domain authority.

In a helpful, non-spam like manner inform them of this outdated source they’re linking to, and let them know about your relevant content that can serve as a quality replacement. By aiding them two-fold – letting them know about the outdated resource and suggesting a reliable new one  – you’ll be surprised at the positive responses you can get. 

Target resource pages

Resources pages are invaluable when working to achieve high quality backlinks. As they’re designed inherently to redirect viewers to different websites, they are ideal for building links and driving traffic to your site.

Look for content referred to as “further reading”, “useful resources”, “additional resources”, or “helpful resources”, with your chosen keywords present, and reach out to them in a friendly, non-pushy manner, requesting your link be added to their site. 

Working with an established SEO company in Perth is the ideal way to enhance your backlinks and authority score, and connect with those all-important sources for effective white hat links. 

Post relevant Ultimate Guides

Determining the most effective forms of content to publish is key to cracking Google’s algorithm, and making the most of your invaluable SEO services in Perth. One such way to build high-quality backlinks is through posting a comprehensive Ultimate Guide.

An Ultimate Guide is a detailed run down of a certain topic, where readers can learn everything they need to know from a single page, and therefore should contain a significant amount of text. Try tackling a subject matter that has not already been overdone, creating the definitive resource on that topic. While creating quality guides is certainly not easy, it’s a fantastic way to build backlinks and show your authority on key subject matters relating to your company. 

Convert brand mentions into quality backlinks

The internet is a seemingly infinite resource of content and potential connections. Categorising reliable vs poor insignificant contacts is key to developing strong backlinks, but once you do so you’ll find many existing resources to utilise.

Many online mentions of your brand are likely unlinked, so the goal is simply to find valuable contacts who posted an unlinked brand mention, and reach out to them nicely requesting a backlink. 

Remember, they already like your work if they’ve mentioned you. Working with teams experienced in SEO in Perth is a sure fire way to determine quality contacts, and connect with them to create consistently successful backlinks. 

Quality SEO services in Perth with Fisher Digital

With so many important areas to balance within your business, it’s no wonder you’re left with limited time for thorough link building. Working with Fisher Digital, a leading SEO company in Perth, means accessing extensive knowledge on developing quality backlinks in a means that suits your industry, as well as vital analytics and expert SEO techniques.

Contact us today to discuss our SEO services in Perth, or to inquire about our extensive, custom options for digital marketing.


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