All About Threads


Meta has recently launched a new app named Threads. Along with the rest of the world, we’re still learning more about the app and how it functions, but we’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information on what Threads is and some interesting insights we’ve picked up since the app launched. 


What Is Threads? 

Threads is essentially Meta’s answer to Twitter, a text based app allowing communities of people to connect and avidly discuss topics of interest in conversation ‘threads’.
Users have been quick to call on the similarities between the app (there are rumours that Twitter is allegedly going to seek legal action against Meta – I suppose we’ll see whether or not that takes off!). 


Users are able to share images, videos and GIFs on the platform, however, it’s currently set up to be primarily text focused in the same way that Twitter is. The ability to use hashtags is not present, so users are currently only seeing posts in their feed from people they follow, posts that users they follow have interacted with (similar to Facebook), alongside recommended accounts based on the Threads algorithm. Threads users who used to be active on the blogging platform Tumblr are finding the app experience to be quite similar to their text based posts, especially since users have the ability to reshare posts they like.

How Does Threads Integrate With Instagram?
The text based app is synced with Instagram, where users must have an Instagram account to be able to use Threads. Threads will pull across your profile information – thereby, if your business already has an Instagram account, be assured that your handle will be reserved for you. 


Upon signing up, users are given the option to follow the same accounts as their Instagram profile, so your account would automatically have a following of the existing Instagram followers with Threads accounts (the follower count would not be exactly like for like). Threads users have the option to deactivate their account – there is no indication within the app that deactivating results in deleting the associated Instagram account. Deactivation is ‘temporary’ in that any data your account shares with Threads will not be permanently deleted, just hidden. 


Who Is Using The App? 

According to Search Engine Journal, Threads already has over 100 million users since launching in early July. 


The overall app targeting currently feels in line with Instagram and Twitter. The purpose of the platform is to encourage engagement in public conversations (threads) and sharing daily updates. The most significant difference between Threads and Twitter in this early stage is the type of content being posted. Threads is very conversational discourse about day to day topics or experiences, whereas users tend to rely on Twitter for news and real world updates. 


How Can Businesses Leverage Threads? 

Threads is currently free from paid advertising, and it’s been reported that Meta aren’t looking to monetise the platform this year. However, it probably won’t be long before users are able to access similar branded content tools to what is available on Instagram. 


In the meantime, brands on Threads are engaging with the app in a similar way to TikTok – commenting on trends, sharing sneak peeks to product launches or ranges. Whether or not Threads turns into a valuable platform for brands remains to be seen. It’s currently purely organic and given the focus on text based updates, would require someone to be highly engaged and quick to respond and jump on trends to gain traction and stay engaged in relevant conversations. 


Threads is definitely a useful tool for interacting with your key audience. E-commerce businesses have an opportunity to leverage the Threads platform by directly engaging with their followers and asking questions to understand how their brand is being received. 



The launch of the new app has seen incredible success in a very short period of time. Backed by Meta and Zuckerberg, we’re likely to see this app continue to skyrocket. With Instagram focusing primarily on video and Reels to compete against TikTok, Threads is proving to be a refreshing online space where users do not feel the need to create extremely polished and curated feeds of video and image content. Perhaps Threads is Meta’s way of allowing users to continue having an outlet for sharing thoughts and an opportunity to engage with a like minded community, minus the pressure that many users feel on other popular social media platforms of the minute. 

The start of a new year is a great time to take a closer look at the upcoming video trends in the world of social media. This article will explore the latest trends in social media and TikTok that are expected to shape 2023, and provide insights into how businesses in Perth can leverage them to their advantage.


Social Media Video Trends

1. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming continues to grow in popularity, and it’s no surprise that it’s here to stay in 2023. Brands use it as an opportunity to connect with their audience in real time, answer their questions, and share products with them. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat placing more importance on live videos in their algorithms, businesses in Perth should consider incorporating this format into their social media strategy. A great example of this is Sephora, a popular beauty brand, who uses live video on Snapchat to engage with customers and showcase their products.


2. Short-Form Video Content

Short-form video content, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, is predicted to remain a prominent trend in 2023. This type of content is entertaining and easy to consume, making it a hit among audiences. Businesses in Perth can take advantage of short-form videos to showcase their products and services in an engaging way. Gucci, a fashion brand, is a prime example of how TikTok can be used to create playful and entertaining videos that present their products in a unique and creative manner.


3. Vertical Video

Vertical video is another trend to keep an eye on in 2023. This format is designed for mobile devices and provides a more immersive viewing experience. Brands in Perth should consider creating vertical videos for their social media channels to keep up with the latest trends and effectively engage their audiences. Airbnb, a popular travel brand, uses this format to create beautiful vertical videos that highlight their rental properties in a way that is optimized for mobile viewing.


TikTok Video Trends

1. Influencer Marketing

TikTok has become a significant platform for influencer marketing, and this trend is expected to persist in 2023. Brands in Perth can partner with TikTok influencers to reach a vast and engaged audience, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. Fashion Nova, a clothing brand, is a great example of using TikTok influencers to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. Bonus tip, keep an eye out for micro-influencing trends as they are gaining popularity into 2023.


2. Creative Content

In 2023, TikTok is all about creativity. Brands need to create unique and entertaining content that aligns with the TikTok aesthetic to stand out. Businesses in Perth should consider working with a TikTok agency to develop content that resonates with their target audience. KFC is a great example of using TikTok to create entertaining and distinctive videos that present their products in a way that fits the TikTok style.


3. Interactive Features

Interactive features, such as AR filters, are becoming increasingly popular on TikTok. Brands in Perth can use these features to increase engagement and create a more memorable experience for their audience. Coca-Cola, the beverage brand, uses AR filters in their TikTok videos to allow users to try on virtual sunglasses and have fun with the brand.


Maximizing Video Trends for Businesses in Perth

So far, we have discussed the top video trends for 2023 and the ways in which businesses can use them to elevate their marketing strategies. But how can businesses in Perth make the most of these trends and use them to drive success on their social media platforms?

1. Embrace Short-Form Video: TikTok is leading the way when it comes to short-form video, but there are other platforms like Instagram and YouTube that are also offering short-form video options. By incorporating short-form video into your social media strategy, you can capture the attention of your audience and deliver bite-sized content that is easy to consume and share.

2. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers: By partnering with micro-influencers in your niche, you can tap into their engaged and loyal followers. Micro-influencer marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach a new audience and grow your brand recognition.

3. Utilize User-Generated Content: Encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand on social media and use their content to showcase the benefits of your products or services. By featuring user-generated content on your social media platforms, you can build trust with your audience and show that you value their input.

4. Stay Ahead of the Game: Finally, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest video trends and incorporate them into your social media strategy. At Fisher Digital, we keep a close eye on the latest video trends and work with our clients to help them create innovative and impactful video content that drives success on social media.

In conclusion, 2023 is set to be a thrilling year for social media and TikTok. As a business in Perth, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is important to remain competitive and engage your audience effectively. If you’re looking for help, consider working with Fisher Digital, a leading social media agency in Perth to help you create innovative and impactful video content that aligns with the latest trends. By staying ahead of the curve and taking advantage of the latest video trends, businesses in Perth can increase their reach, grow their brand recognition, and drive sales. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your video content in 2023, contact Fisher Digital today to see how they can help you succeed.

As a business owner, it’s vital to show authority on your area of expertise and target quality leads. Don’t you agree? If so, don’t dismiss the extensive business opportunities presented by producing e-books. Successful digital marketing strategies have shown the compelling power of good content, and the accessibility and easy-to-consume nature of e-books making them ideal for attracting potential customers. 

You may think an e-book is nothing new, but they’re incredibly effective when it comes to quality content marketing, that produces real results. Working with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth is the best way to access the key industry knowledge needed to produce effective marketing content, and attract valuable leads.

Learn all about the power of a great e-book, and how Fisher Digital can help you utilise online potential through an effective content marketing strategy.


The value of quality content marketing in Perth

It’s widely accepted that social media and quality blogs are key elements of contemporary marketing, and e-books are no different. The continued growth in smartphone and tablet ownership have boosted the accessibility of e-books, thanks to ease of both mobility and distribution. 

This makes quality e-books not only straightforward to create once you define your area of expertise, but affordable and therefore cost-effective. Whether you choose to sell e-books for revenue, use them to draw in new business, or offer them as a gift to clients, their versatility makes them a dependable tool for attracting leads. 

An e-book is simply a form of digital content, typically written as a short format book on a specific topic. Quality e-books should be informative, straightforward, and appeal to your desired target market. Work with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth like Fisher Digital to determine the ideal topics and desired audience for your unique business needs. 


Attract targeted leads with an ebook

Effective content marketing is all about attracting people to your business who are actually interested in purchasing your products or services. This makes e-books a great way to get these targeted leads – clarify your target audience, choose a topic catered to them, produce quality content that can solve problems or provide key information, and promote it.

The final step is most important: require customers to provide an email address when accessing the e-book, building quality leads while growing your email list. Each customer will gain valuable information about their desired topic, and you get automatic leads to convert to paying clients; more on this later. 


Appealing to potential customers

With so much online content, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. E-books offer a solid means to boost your businesses credibility to potential clients, by offering informed industry knowledge on popular topics.

Well-written and professionally formatted e-books are a dependable form of content marketing in Perth, showing valuable potential customers your company is an expert on key subjects, and that their needs are valued. 


Establish your business as an industry authority

The consumption of e-books is at an all time high, thanks to widespread dependence on digital technology and a thriving ecommerce industry. Use your expertise to dominate a valuable niche corner of the market, and show customers you have the knowledge to not only develop quality products, but answer questions and solve problems related to that sector. 

By utilising e-books to establish authority, you can achieve your end goal of getting clients to actually make a purchase. Distinguishing your company from your competitors means buyers associate you with the entire field or product category, and consider the brand an industry authority worthy of their business. 


An enhanced content marketing strategy

The competitive nature of the internet requires an edge to stand out. In today’s digital landscape this means engaging with people and earning their trust, allowing cost to be a less important factor than quality and expertise. The most effective way to do this while reaching a large audience is through informative, tailored content marketing in Perth.

Today’s customers have the ability to go online and search for any topic. Contemporary content marketing takes advantage of this need for information, offering customers peace of mind through informative e-books that cover specific topics in extensive detail. Use your experience and industry knowledge to corner your target market, simply by expanding one of your existing most-read blogs. 


Expand your email list

One of the most enduring ways to build sustainable growth over time is with an email list. The good news is ebooks are a highly effective method to obtain the contact information of potential buyers, allowing you to connect with them about products and services they’re interested in.

Whether you run an ecommerce business or not, it’s a vital way to communicate directly with your target audience. When offering an ebook on your website, set it up as gated content where an email address is required for delivery. This provides access in a natural way, growing your email list and evolving your content marketing in Perth to the next level


Distributing an impactful ebook

With a market bursting with e-reader devices, tables, and smartphones, there has never been a better time to produce e-books. With paying customers looking for niche information, make sure it’s your e-book they read, not your competitors!

Find the most popular blogs out there on a specific topic related to your market, and work with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth to produce high-quality e-books that go into more detail. Through professional content writing and formatting, e-books can easily stand out from the crowd, and even be sold for profit. In order to achieve this additional revenue stream it’s vital to remember quality equals credibility to customers.


Find a knowledgeable content marketing agency in Perth

Working with a savvy content marketing agency in Perth results in professional e-books, cornering an effective SEO strategy and enabling you to become an industry authority; all by providing answers to the queries your customers have.

Acquiring the services of Fisher Digital means accessing great content customised for your specific business, as well as a boost to e-book distribution via social media and email marketing channels. With proven expertise in lead generation and boosting your brand search rankings, wide ranging content marketing knowledge can transform your business by drawing in customers through non-aggressive forms of marketing.


Attract quality leads with Fisher Digital 

Achieve your digital marketing goals with award winning content strategies from Fisher Digital, where a focus on quality branded content makes reaching your audience easier. 

Contact us today to discuss producing a custom e-book for your company, and review our range of effective SEO content services online now.

In today’s digital age, it’s accepted that search engine prominence is key to high levels of commercial success. Whether you operate an ecommerce retail operation or use a website to promote ‘real-world’ services, high Google rankings and leading website authority are vital to continued online growth and success.

Despite many algorithm updates, link building remains one of the most effective ways to rank highly, and ensure the success of a marketing campaign led by SEO in Perth. With the highly competitive nature of search engine result pages (SERPs), ranking highly requires consistent building of authoritative backlinks.

Learn how to stay ahead of the competition, and deliver results through proven, effective backlink building strategies with expert SEO services in Perth.

The value of quality SEO in Perth

We all know the immense impact reliable digital marketing techniques have on today’s businesses, whether you operate an ecommerce company, brick and mortar store, or trade service. In order to be visible online as well as stand out from your competitors, proven digital marketing techniques are essential to Google search positioning translating to financial success.

So, what exactly is a backlink? Simply put it’s a link between websites, where an online resource, such as a blog, is linked to via a different website. Quality backlinks created by an effective SEO company in Perth can vastly increase traffic to your website, increasing search rankings and aiding growth.  

Generate links through proven content formats

Let’s start with the basics – great content. This may seem obvious, but quality content is not just having a great writer or popular theme. Data-led research shows using proven formats for blog posts goes hand in hand with skillfully written content, making it imperative to choose successful approaches that are known to result in high levels of backlinks. 

High performing content formats focus on “Why” and “What” posts, where readers learn desired information via clear, well-written blogs. This approach, as well as utilising easily-digestible videos and infographics, ends up with higher levels of quality backlinks and increased referral traffic.

Create Skyscraper content

Backlinks are a key to determining where you sit on those all-important SERPs, as these links determine your content is noteworthy. This knowledge contains an important insight into how to achieve success on Google’s algorithm – post content people truly need in a professionally written format. 

One way of doing so is with Skyscraper content; highly desired posts that achieve backlinks from popular sites with a high authority score, boosting referral traffic to your site. 

So, how does this work? The key is finding existing, well-performing content suitable for your industry (try searching for a keyword and view the top ranking result). Now, recreate and improve it, before promoting this valuable skyscraper content – try doing so with people mentioned in your content for a high likelihood of backlinks. 

Use outdated resources to build links

Achieving top quality backlinks at scale is key to significantly increasing the organic traffic to your site, and while it takes planning it’s absolutely achievable. One fantastic tip for doing so is replacing outdated links via what’s known as ‘The Moving Man Method’.

Begin by finding sites relevant to your industry that have been closed down, not been updated, changed name or URL, or no longer offer that service. Next, find existing links to this now-outdated resource by placing the URL in a backlink checking tool, before reaching out to sites with high domain authority.

In a helpful, non-spam like manner inform them of this outdated source they’re linking to, and let them know about your relevant content that can serve as a quality replacement. By aiding them two-fold – letting them know about the outdated resource and suggesting a reliable new one  – you’ll be surprised at the positive responses you can get. 

Target resource pages

Resources pages are invaluable when working to achieve high quality backlinks. As they’re designed inherently to redirect viewers to different websites, they are ideal for building links and driving traffic to your site.

Look for content referred to as “further reading”, “useful resources”, “additional resources”, or “helpful resources”, with your chosen keywords present, and reach out to them in a friendly, non-pushy manner, requesting your link be added to their site. 

Working with an established SEO company in Perth is the ideal way to enhance your backlinks and authority score, and connect with those all-important sources for effective white hat links. 

Post relevant Ultimate Guides

Determining the most effective forms of content to publish is key to cracking Google’s algorithm, and making the most of your invaluable SEO services in Perth. One such way to build high-quality backlinks is through posting a comprehensive Ultimate Guide.

An Ultimate Guide is a detailed run down of a certain topic, where readers can learn everything they need to know from a single page, and therefore should contain a significant amount of text. Try tackling a subject matter that has not already been overdone, creating the definitive resource on that topic. While creating quality guides is certainly not easy, it’s a fantastic way to build backlinks and show your authority on key subject matters relating to your company. 

Convert brand mentions into quality backlinks

The internet is a seemingly infinite resource of content and potential connections. Categorising reliable vs poor insignificant contacts is key to developing strong backlinks, but once you do so you’ll find many existing resources to utilise.

Many online mentions of your brand are likely unlinked, so the goal is simply to find valuable contacts who posted an unlinked brand mention, and reach out to them nicely requesting a backlink. 

Remember, they already like your work if they’ve mentioned you. Working with teams experienced in SEO in Perth is a sure fire way to determine quality contacts, and connect with them to create consistently successful backlinks. 

Quality SEO services in Perth with Fisher Digital

With so many important areas to balance within your business, it’s no wonder you’re left with limited time for thorough link building. Working with Fisher Digital, a leading SEO company in Perth, means accessing extensive knowledge on developing quality backlinks in a means that suits your industry, as well as vital analytics and expert SEO techniques.

Contact us today to discuss our SEO services in Perth, or to inquire about our extensive, custom options for digital marketing.

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Our pick of eCommerce website platforms

A guide to the leading eCommerce platforms, plus all the reasons our team chooses one over the other

According to an eCommerce industry report commissioned by Australia Post, Australians spent a record-breaking $50.46 billion online in 2020 as online shopping grew 57% year-on-year.

And those aren’t even the most impressive stats from 2020: 

  • eCommerce represented 16.3% of the total retail market
  • 52% of occasional online shoppers increased their frequency
  • 80% of regular shoppers maintained or increased their frequency
  • 5.5 million households shopped online in November 
  • Western Australia’s eCommerce market grew 44% year-on-year 

Since 2020, eCommerce websites have claimed an estimated 17.9% additional market share, representing nearly $1.69 trillion in sales growth.

At this point, you’re probably realising the same thing as many of our clients.

Online retail presents an enormous opportunity.

Our Perth website designers are seeing a flood of requests for eCommerce platforms, plug-ins and performance upgrades.

In this blog, we break down the differences between the most popular eCommerce platforms and tell you why our web design team swears by one over the other.

Everything you need to know about launching an eCommerce store

Of the many options out there, two platforms routinely end up topping the shortlist of best eCommerce solutions: Shopify and WooCommerce.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

But before we get into the SEO capabilities, design flexibility and customisation opportunities, let’s look at the basics of the world’s two most popular eCommerce platforms.


Shopify is an all-in-one solution designed to give you everything you need to get started selling online.

That means hosting, security, web design, marketing, point-of-sale and inventory management are all handled through a single platform.


WooCommerce is an open-source plug-in that turns WordPress websites into eCommerce stores.

Rather than going it alone, WooCommerce stands on the shoulder of a giant that powers 43% of all websites worldwide.

Shopify vs WooCommerce: Weighing up the pros and cons


Being website designers, it makes sense we would start by comparing WooCommerce and Shopify on points of design.

While both platforms allow for customisation, WooCommerce is the clear winner.

This is because Shopify simplifies the design process, making it easy for business owners to launch an online store. 

The trade-off for simplicity is almost always customisation.

Shopify offers 100+ free and premium theme templates which you can use to design your store.

By contrast, WooCommerce is an open-source plug-in that a website designer can customise however you like.

WooCommerce also has themes available to make things easier for non-designers.

The bottom line: Everything about WooCommerce is customisable, giving your store infinitely more flexibility than Shopify.


Shopify and WooCommerce are much more than payment gateways.

Both platforms are designed to facilitate an online shopping experience, which means they both offer features like:

  • Support for multiple payment options
  • Inventory management
  • Customer behaviour analytics
  • Social media integration for shoppable posts
  • Adjustable shipping rates and taxes
  • Sell physical and digital products
  • Google Shopping features
  • Mobile commerce friendly
  • Unlimited product support

Almost any feature that doesn’t come standard is available through a third-party app or API plug-in.

Shopify has a store dedicated to apps and APIs. 

WooCommerce being open-source and built for WordPress means many more customisation options are available.

Whether you want to access customer analytics, customise shopping experiences, connect marketing automation tools or analyse first-party data, WooCommerce lets you do more. 

The bottom line: Both platforms have similar out-of-the-box features, but WooCommerce provides more flexibility and third-party connections.

Ease of use

As a business owner, you can’t afford to spend the entire day sitting in front of your eCommerce platform.

The good news is, that won’t happen with either Shopify or WooCommerce. 

Both platforms are intuitive for day-to-day operations.

They even look relatively similar in the back end.

Where Shopify edges out WooCommerce is the ease of setting up the store.

Because it is a self-contained platform, setting up a Shopify store is straightforward even with no web design or development experience.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is easy to set up if you already have:

  • Domain hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • WordPress site up and running
  • WordPress theme installed

As we said earlier, the trade-off for customisation is reducing complexity.

This round goes to Shopify.

The bottom line: Shopify and WooCommerce are similarly user-friendly. However, you need web design experience to set up a WordPress site for WooCommerce. 


You need to be seen to sell products.

And you need SEO to be seen.

Shopify simplifies basic SEO practices like meta information, product cards and site copy.

It is also built on monumental architecture, making Shopify sites fast – and we know site speed is an important ranking factor.

But once again, the customisation options available on a WordPress site (with WooCommerce plugged in) make it so much more powerful in the hands of a proficient Perth web designer.

Simply put, WooCommerce allows you to go further than Shopify.

Using plug-ins like Yoast, SEO Ultimate, and MonsterInsights enables WordPress sites to do much more than Shopify.

The bottom line: With the right plug-ins and customisation, WooCommerce outperforms Shopify in SEO.


WooCommerce is an open-source plug-in.

That means it’s completely free, right?

Kind of.

WooCommerce is entirely free, but you need to pay a few costs to get it working:

  • Domain name
  • Website hosting
  • WordPress web development 
  • SSL certification

On the other hand, Shopify works on a subscription model with no additional start-up costs.

Depending on your requirements, Shopify has 3 subscription levels:

  • Basic: $39/month
  • Shopify: $109/month
  • Advanced: $403/month

Each plan includes an SSL certificate and web hosting with a subdomain.

Your own domain name will cost around $20 more per year. 

That’s not huge bickies – but hold on! 

Shopify Payments, the default payment gateway, charges 2.9% plus $0.4 for credit card transactions.

Using a different payment gateway incurs a 2% fee (on top of payment provider costs), which you can reduce to 0.5% by upgrading to the Advanced plan.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, does not charge additional payment fees.

The bottom line: Shopify might seem cheaper to set up, but high payment processing fees start to stack up quickly, making WooCommerce the winner.

The final word: WooCommerce has wooed Fisher’s web designers

That’s right, we’re declaring WooCommerce the winner for eCommerce website design.

Shopify is a simple solution for basic online stores.

But the web design flexibility, SEO authority and configurability of WordPress sites make WooCommerce a better choice for doing serious business.

So our web design team prefers to build WordPress sites using WooCommerce and other plug-ins that enable our clients to grow their online business beyond Shopify’s limitations.

Are you looking for a better way to do business online? Get in touch with Fisher, Perth’s web design, eCommerce and SEO gurus.

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