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Start engaging with your audience where they want to be

Two degrees of separation? That’s two too many.

Our social media marketing services in Perth close the distance between you and your audience and turn “just browsing” into brand advocates.

Social media is a potent marketing tool. Here at Fisher, a social media marketing agency in Perth, we understand what it takes to build a community online. Great social interaction is more than sponsored posts and posting about your latest product. We partner with Australian businesses that are ready to make a genuine connection.

New to social media? We’ll get you set up with a strategy that delivers. Been plugging away for a while without seeing results? Our social media specialists in Perth will transform your cross-channel strategy to make sure your message lands.

Building a brand, building a following

Nearly 80% of Australians are active on social media. We turn to social media for everything from daily news to puppy videos, creating events, sharing personal stories, starting social movements, following their friends’ travel adventures…the list goes on.

Globally, over 3.6 billion people check social channels regularly. But the best brands aren’t always the biggest. As usage continues to trend up, people are demanding relevant content from sources they trust.

Being active on social media is non-negotiable for Australian businesses. Whether it’s part of a broader digital marketing strategy including SEO and SEM, or the main focus for your brand activation, results on social channels directly contribute to growing your business.

So much more than shareable posts

Social media marketing is one part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Driving real results requires an social media marketing agency partner in Perth who considers your brand from every angle. At Fisher, we get to know your business and invite you to get to know us so that together, we can create a community that makes a meaningful change.

Our Social Media Marketing services

Marketing on Facebook is a mix of art and science. Cutting through the noise to reach your audience means a strategic blend of paid and organic content, paying particular attention to what your customers want.


Instagram gives you many different ways to engage your audience. Posts, Stories, and now Reels – it all revolves around great visual content. Still, the bottom line is that users engage with brands across different touchpoints.


For businesses looking to connect with other businesses, business owners, or their staff, it’s best to utilise the world’s largest professional social media platform, to speak their language and promote your business.

social media strategy

We’re big picture people. Generating impressions and clicks is good, but we work hard to optimise your campaigns for conversions in the long term. Both for social media campaigns, and your digital landscape as a whole.

Let’s get social

You already know how popular (and powerful) social media is. So how do you take that energy, connect with your audience, and translate it back into business growth? Easy, you get in touch with us for a consultation. Here’s how the journey might look.

Personalise your social media marketing

Every platform – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter et al – has its purpose. How you interact with your community is different to your competitors. The key is to build brand recognition, foster an active community, and encourage brand advocacy to leverage the invaluable word-of-mouth marketing potential.

How do you do that? With good data, an insightful strategy, and elegant execution. And with Fisher by your side. See how we’ve helped our clients reach ambitious growth targets using the power of online communities.