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Katherine Lynch
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As a business owner, it’s vital to show authority on your area of expertise and target quality leads. Don’t you agree? If so, don’t dismiss the extensive business opportunities presented by producing e-books. Successful digital marketing strategies have shown the compelling power of good content, and the accessibility and easy-to-consume nature of e-books making them ideal for attracting potential customers. 

You may think an e-book is nothing new, but they’re incredibly effective when it comes to quality content marketing, that produces real results. Working with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth is the best way to access the key industry knowledge needed to produce effective marketing content, and attract valuable leads.

Learn all about the power of a great e-book, and how Fisher Digital can help you utilise online potential through an effective content marketing strategy.


The value of quality content marketing in Perth

It’s widely accepted that social media and quality blogs are key elements of contemporary marketing, and e-books are no different. The continued growth in smartphone and tablet ownership have boosted the accessibility of e-books, thanks to ease of both mobility and distribution. 

This makes quality e-books not only straightforward to create once you define your area of expertise, but affordable and therefore cost-effective. Whether you choose to sell e-books for revenue, use them to draw in new business, or offer them as a gift to clients, their versatility makes them a dependable tool for attracting leads. 

An e-book is simply a form of digital content, typically written as a short format book on a specific topic. Quality e-books should be informative, straightforward, and appeal to your desired target market. Work with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth like Fisher Digital to determine the ideal topics and desired audience for your unique business needs. 


Attract targeted leads with an ebook

Effective content marketing is all about attracting people to your business who are actually interested in purchasing your products or services. This makes e-books a great way to get these targeted leads – clarify your target audience, choose a topic catered to them, produce quality content that can solve problems or provide key information, and promote it.

The final step is most important: require customers to provide an email address when accessing the e-book, building quality leads while growing your email list. Each customer will gain valuable information about their desired topic, and you get automatic leads to convert to paying clients; more on this later. 


Appealing to potential customers

With so much online content, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. E-books offer a solid means to boost your businesses credibility to potential clients, by offering informed industry knowledge on popular topics.

Well-written and professionally formatted e-books are a dependable form of content marketing in Perth, showing valuable potential customers your company is an expert on key subjects, and that their needs are valued. 


Establish your business as an industry authority

The consumption of e-books is at an all time high, thanks to widespread dependence on digital technology and a thriving ecommerce industry. Use your expertise to dominate a valuable niche corner of the market, and show customers you have the knowledge to not only develop quality products, but answer questions and solve problems related to that sector. 

By utilising e-books to establish authority, you can achieve your end goal of getting clients to actually make a purchase. Distinguishing your company from your competitors means buyers associate you with the entire field or product category, and consider the brand an industry authority worthy of their business. 


An enhanced content marketing strategy

The competitive nature of the internet requires an edge to stand out. In today’s digital landscape this means engaging with people and earning their trust, allowing cost to be a less important factor than quality and expertise. The most effective way to do this while reaching a large audience is through informative, tailored content marketing in Perth.

Today’s customers have the ability to go online and search for any topic. Contemporary content marketing takes advantage of this need for information, offering customers peace of mind through informative e-books that cover specific topics in extensive detail. Use your experience and industry knowledge to corner your target market, simply by expanding one of your existing most-read blogs. 


Expand your email list

One of the most enduring ways to build sustainable growth over time is with an email list. The good news is ebooks are a highly effective method to obtain the contact information of potential buyers, allowing you to connect with them about products and services they’re interested in.

Whether you run an ecommerce business or not, it’s a vital way to communicate directly with your target audience. When offering an ebook on your website, set it up as gated content where an email address is required for delivery. This provides access in a natural way, growing your email list and evolving your content marketing in Perth to the next level


Distributing an impactful ebook

With a market bursting with e-reader devices, tables, and smartphones, there has never been a better time to produce e-books. With paying customers looking for niche information, make sure it’s your e-book they read, not your competitors!

Find the most popular blogs out there on a specific topic related to your market, and work with an experienced content marketing agency in Perth to produce high-quality e-books that go into more detail. Through professional content writing and formatting, e-books can easily stand out from the crowd, and even be sold for profit. In order to achieve this additional revenue stream it’s vital to remember quality equals credibility to customers.


Find a knowledgeable content marketing agency in Perth

Working with a savvy content marketing agency in Perth results in professional e-books, cornering an effective SEO strategy and enabling you to become an industry authority; all by providing answers to the queries your customers have.

Acquiring the services of Fisher Digital means accessing great content customised for your specific business, as well as a boost to e-book distribution via social media and email marketing channels. With proven expertise in lead generation and boosting your brand search rankings, wide ranging content marketing knowledge can transform your business by drawing in customers through non-aggressive forms of marketing.


Attract quality leads with Fisher Digital 

Achieve your digital marketing goals with award winning content strategies from Fisher Digital, where a focus on quality branded content makes reaching your audience easier. 

Contact us today to discuss producing a custom e-book for your company, and review our range of effective SEO content services online now.


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