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Infographics that move the marketing needle.

Fisher’s data communication expertise speaks volumes

Information in motion

What does a “content marketing infographic” look like to you? Is it a flowchart? Venn diagram? Animated visualisation with a voiceover? Bite-sized data on social media? All of those are the correct answer. Infographics are dynamic, visual and highly engaging.

Shareable, snackable, digestible

Infographics can bring in 12% more website visitors, and they’re 30 (thirty!) times more likely to be read in their entirety than blogs. Visual content also gets shared more often. At Fisher, we use that positive attention to convert more leads.

Find your flow

It’s often tricky to communicate technical information in a digestible way. We work with our clients to distil brand stories into information-rich infographics that tell a compelling story. We’ll hook the reader and help you reel them in.

The power of visual content marketing

Adding visual content to your digital marketing mix is a highly effective way to engage people on multiple levels. The numbers alone are staggering:

  • Readers are 323% more likely to complete the desired CTA when visuals accompany written directions
  • Digital content sees 650% more engagement when an image is included
  • People remember 65% of the information they see in a graphic (versus just 10% they hear)


Infographics come in many forms. Here at Fisher, our in-house creatives and technical specialists produce everything from charts and graphs to eye-popping motion graphics, animated typography, illustrations and much more.

We focus on finding the medium to suit your message. As a full-service digital marketing agency, it’s our job to tell your story in the best way.

Fisher’s infographic services

Graphics for blog content

Images and words are like Rick and Morty (or Joey and Chandler for Gen X and older). Good by themselves, but better as a duo. We create content that converts on all channels.

Animated infographics

Video is arguably the most powerful content tool. We’ve invested in finding experienced, talented content creators who can bring your brand to life in eye-popping video graphics.

Annual Reports

Fisher’s B2B, B2C, and corporate communications experience means we’re the ideal partner to tell any brand story. That includes slick, professional periodic reporting.

Branded collateral

Everything we produce as your digital marketing partner puts your brand front and centre. Storytelling is a crucial part of branding. So, let’s make sure you’re telling the right tale.


Fisher is an award-winning strategic marketing partner. We love nothing more than seeing our clients exceed their digital growth targets by following a clear, ambitious strategy.

Full-service content

Infographics are one of many tools in our arsenal. When you partner with Fisher, you benefit from 30+ years of leadership experience and 12 dedicated digital marketing specialists for outstanding marketing content across the board.