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Smarter lead generation: Remarketing on Google

Stay front of mind

Remarketing on Google is an intelligent way to stay in touch. When a visitor leaves your site without converting, a remarketing campaign re-engages them at crucial moments.

Focused reach at scale

With Fisher as your Google Ads partner, you can target ads to re-engage specific customers or broaden the net to remind visitors about your brand.

Never lose track of your audience

Using analytics and an experienced eye for optimisation, Fisher keeps your remarketing campaign fresh. We’ll keep you updated on campaign progress, so you call the shots.

How Google Ads remarketing makes its mark on your digital campaign

Google Ads is the world’s most powerful PPC platform. With 3m+ partner websites and billions of daily searches, the potential to lure in leads is enormous.

We help Aussie businesses not just bring in traffic but convert down the funnel through targeted remarketing campaigns. Our PPC specialists use remarketing to strategically re-engage visitors who interacted but didn’t convert.

That might mean serving ads on social media. Or it could look like targeted Google Display Network ads, even Search Ads that appear on relevant search queries.

Remarketing brings people back to your website and encourages them to complete the action they missed last time, boosting repeat visitor rates and conversions by 50% or more.

What’s the key to remarketing? Great content combined with laser-focused targeting. That’s where your digital marketing agency, Fisher, comes in.

Our remarketing services

Audience identification

Successful remarketing starts with your audience. At Fisher, we help clients identify target customers as a subset of visitors to focus your budget on growth targets.

Cross-channel remarketing

Remarketing works when your brand is consistent, but the context changes. We manage remarketing campaigns spanning search, social and browsing behaviour to bring in leads.


Google Ads is a powerful platform. As a full-service digital marketing agency with in-house PPC expertise, we craft strategies that use the best tools to grow your business.

Landing page content

Why didn’t your visitors convert the first time? Our content wizards work with you to optimise website landing pages for conversion. We even develop websites and landing pages!

Lead generation

Remarketing on Google Ads can fill your marketing funnel fast. At Fisher, we have 30+ years of lead generation expertise to support our clients’ digital marketing journeys.

Branding and design

Your brand should make a great first, second and third impression. Fisher’s content creation expertise ensures visitors see your brand’s best side, helping you stand out in a crowded market.