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Fill your funnel with Fisher

Our data-driven lead generation tactics bring in better customers

Grow with purpose

Targeted lead generation is your growth engine. Go after the right customers with data-driven lead generation tactics that fill your marketing funnel.

Let the leads come to you

Cold-calling is out, targeted inbound and outbound strategies are in. From analysis to after-sales email automation, we’ll get you up to speed on digital marketing.

Convert more opportunities

So you got their attention – now what? With our B2B and B2C lead generation experience, Fisher can help build an agile pipeline from lead to a loyal customer.

Why you should take lead generation seriously

There are 3 ways to grow your business. Offer new services, sell to new customers, or raise prices on existing products. Let’s face it; your customers won’t be happy with a price hike, so you’re going to need new business coming through the door.

Lead generation is the key to opening that door.

Lead generation is part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. It’s the set of actions or processes that attract potential customers online. They might not be ready to buy just yet – but you have their attention (and their data).

Our Lead Generation services

Our comprehensive digital strategy services identify the most efficient, high-potential marketing activities for your business. We work closely with you to grow your business in the right direction.

inbound lead generation

Inbound is any activity that brings a stranger through your (digital) door. We target and engage potential customers using tactics like SEO, Google Ads, social media, and content marketing.

outbound lead generation

Outbound deals with those people you already know, like current and past customers and old leads. Using email, SEO, tailored content marketing and personalised messaging, you can re-engage high-value leads.

market insight

Lead generation requires a tight focus on your target audience. Fisher’s analytics services will help you find and follow the customers you want to keep.

measurable results

Everything we do is trackable, agile and measurable. For every dollar you invest in lead generation, we want to see a high ROI.


Don’t lose sight of your leads! Retargeting tailors your engagement with anyone who previously interacted with your brand online.

Experience you can trust

Fisher Digital is a team hand-picked for their expertise in their field.

For you, our client, that means specialist knowledge across the entire lead generation landscape. From strategy to content creation, campaign management to analytics, we do it all in-house for better service.