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Site speed

Supercharging business
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Site speed is a factor in search engine rankings. Many DIY website builders overlook it, but speed makes a big difference to ranking and user experience.

Fisher is a full-service SEO agency in Perth optimising every part of your website for better ranking results and a smoother user experience. Page speed is a minor but mighty weapon on the journey to growing your business.

How does site speed impact SEO?

Happier visitors

Visitors won’t wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. That’s the time Google says it takes for more than 50% of visitors to give up and seek answers elsewhere.

More mobile responsive

More than half of all web traffic is mobile. Our technical experts optimise your site by decluttering code and compressing images for a seamless experience on any device.

Optimise the experience

Lots of things happen when a visitor arrives on your site. More processes mean longer load times. By implementing a content distribution network (CDN), extending cache expirations and cutting server response time, we’ll lighten the load.

Fisher’s site speed services for SEO


Our SEO services begin with a detailed analysis. Using professional analytics software and ranking metrics aligned to Google’s best practice guidelines, we’ll pinpoint the problems and prioritise our approach.

Compressing and decluttering

Using the latest tools, paired with our expert knowledge of different CMS systems and developer languages, our specialists target faster load times on good-looking websites.

Technical fixes

We live for acronyms – CDN, HTML, CSS, DOM trees, HTTP requests. It might sound like a different language now, but we’ll explain it all in plain English while speeding up your site.

UX improvements

Users have the final say when it comes to your site’s performance. They vote with their fingertips. Fisher’s SEO services focus on user experience (UX) for happier customers and more conversions.