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Site structure

Fisher brings structure to SEO

Site structure is crucial in successful SEO strategies. Readers (and search engines) use the structure to see which pages are important. Plus, links between related pages go a long way to establishing your authority online.

Put simply: better site structures mean better chances of ranking high in Google results.

Fisher is an award-winning SEO agency. We understand what it takes to climb search rankings, from website architecture to site performance and everything in between.

How an optimised site structure boosts SEO

A better user experience

An effective site structure guides visitors through your website. Whether you have hundreds of products or specialist services, easy navigation means a more enjoyable user experience (UX). Better UX leads to more conversions – more leads, sales or subscriptions.

Smoother crawling

Search algorithm robots “crawl” websites to understand which sites answer the search query. Well-organised sites send clear signals, making the crawlers’ job easier. Fisher has been guiding Googlebots since the early days of SEO. We can guide you, too.

Eliminates self-competition

Your content might be competing against itself. That’s because your site structure isn’t clear enough for the algorithms to understand the content. Internal links group related content and reduce the risk of cannibalising your hard-earned gains.

Our SEO-friendly site structure services

Website architecture

Whether you’re building from the ground up or rebuilding on a new frame, website architecture is the foundation for success. Fisher’s dedicated SEO specialists work closely with our in-house web developers for better results.

Internal linking

Our SEO experts make it easier for users to navigate your site and find related content. Internal linking improves UX, builds authority in your specialty area, and makes crawling easier.

Breadcrumbs and structured data

Fisher is a full-service SEO agency. Our specialists are always up-to-date on technical requirements like schema, structured data and breadcrumbs that support a clear website structure.

Content clean-up

We’ll organise your existing content, remove duplicates, and fill in blanks like missing keywords and meta tags. Content is (still) king in SEO, so let’s make sure yours is the highest possible quality.